Anglian Water: Tips for Reporting Service Problems

Water is life, and better management is the only way of ensuring the precious liquid is able to be available for everyone. Experts have come up with systems that help to monitor as well as manage the flow of water from a reservoir to various homes in the city or town. While the systems are effective, there are times when leaks or other problems with the water distribution system may go unnoticed until there is a problem. Any water-related problems should be reported to Anglian Water.

While you may not be associated with the water billing company, as a citizen it’s important to always be vigilant. You may be digging up in your backyard garden or by the roadside and by mistake, the pipes running beneath the ground carrying water may be struck therefore leaking the precious liquid to the surface. While many people may decide to assume the problem hoping it will go away on its own, others will generally not report it because they feel it’s not their responsibility. As a citizen, when you find out a problem with the water piping system, its best to report it. This means that you will not only be performing a citizen’s duty but you will save a lot of trouble.

The water piping system is spread out over a vast area therefore connecting homes and businesses. You may be driving to work, walking to the store, jogging around the neighborhood or cycling around the city finally coming up to an area where water is flowing down the road. To ensure that the problem is resolved, you need to report it. The first thing you need to do is mark the exact location where the problem is. You can utilize a GPS device or even the map application in your smartphone to point out the location. You can also mark the exact location by identifying landmarks like street names and buildings.

Once you have identified the location, you need to report it to the relevant authorities. When you visit Anglian Water’s website, you will find a link for reporting a leak. One main tool offered to users for reporting leaks is a map tool. Using the map tool, you can be able to point out the exact location where you saw the problem. The map is detailed therefore you can be able to find the location with ease. Should you have any questions or would prefer to speak directly with Anglian Water customer service, simply call the company rather than using the online system.

Anglian Water company has employed the best experts who are ready at hand to receive your call as well as offer you further support. When you call the service line, our staff will request a few details regarding the problem. The details will include the location of the leak as well as your contact details where they can reach you if they need further help. Remember, reporting the problem quickly by using the available tools will help to ensure the problem is fixed quickly therefore restoring the supply to affected residents.