Anglian Water: Tips for Managing Your Online Account

waterThe Internet has changed the way people conduct all kinds of different personal and business activities. From ordering food from an individual’s favorite restaurant online to searching for the next new vehicle on a dealerships’ site, people can do all types of things online today. One of the more essential involves managing an individual’s personal accounts online.

With this functionality, people can do a wide variety of things to keep their accounts up to date and managed appropriately. The is one of the main reasons why Anglican Water is also committed to providing their customers with an invaluable online account solution that can be managed from virtually anywhere the customer chooses to do so. With this being said, here are some basic tips for managing this account effectively and efficiently.

Tip 1 – Set up a Payment Plan

It’s not uncommon for customers to have varying needs when it comes to setting up a payment plan. Therefore, many of today’s businesses are working to accommodate these needs. For instance, Anglian Water has provided their customers with an online tool that can assist their customers with setting up their own individualized payment plans. When the customer sets their plan up, they will have the options of choosing to pay their bills on a monthly, fortnightly or on a weekly schedule. So, the choice is up to the account holder and their personal preferences.

Tip 2 – Track Payments via E-billing

Another important feature that Anglian customers have access to today is e-billing. This type of billing is ideal for people who prefer to conduct their business online since they do not have to wait until their hard copy is sent to them in the mail. Instead the customer can check the amount due and date due of their accounts online at any time of the day or night. Also, once an individual signs up for e-billing, the paper bills will not be sent to their residence because the new bill will be forwarded to the person via their email.

Tip 3- Keep Address Info Updated with the appropriate Information

If the address of the person is wrong or a person moves from one location to another, these changes can also be made online by the individual. This is also an excellent feature to have available since the new changes can be made online in minutes. Most people like having this capability because it saves a lot of time, especially when the person has to make a call to a customer center for help when this information needs to be updated.

Tip 4 – Add Direct Debit to the Account

In addition to making changes to the address, people can also add direct debit to their account. This feature is ideal for people who do not have the time or patience to pay their bills via postal services. Should you require assistance with setting up direct payments, contact the Anglian Water customer services department.